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It was 1995, when El Viajero first opened its doors in the quaint area of Madrid de los Austrias, in the capital´s old town centre. Very soon it became a hub for members of the local avant-garde and artistic scenes, triggering in its wake the revitalization of a historic and picturesque corner of old Madrid: La Latina, today one of the most emblematic tapas routes in town.

Set in a three storeyed XIXth century palazzo, El Viajero features different ambiences to suit every mood and time of the day, all overlooking the sunset and with magnificent views over the rooftops and domes of the old district.

From a healthy meal in the ground floor market, to drinks and music in the lobby lounge bar, or tapas and the best mojitos on the roof top garden, it offers the perfect plan for a tapas hopping day around La Latina, or a Sunday chill out after visiting the nearby flea market of El Rastro. Even if it’s only working in the afternoon with your computer, El Viajero is always your best choice.